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Pope Francis Hasn’t Watched TV Since 1990, Misses Going Out for Pizza

You’d think anyone with an important job would relish the chance to have a pizza delivered and devour it in front of the television.

Well, as Pope Francis keeps proving, he’s not just anyone.

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church, who has made waves reaching out to disaffected Catholics and insisting on making the poor a top priority, hasn’t watched TV since July 15, 1990, he revealed in an interview published in the Argentinian newspaper La Voz del Pueblo.

The pontiff did not reveal the last program he watched or why he gave up the boob tube, except to say he decided «no es para mi» (it’s not for me), before promising the Virgin Mary he wouldn’t watch again.

That promise has kept him from watching his favorite soccer team, Buenos Aires-based San Lorenzo, but he told the paper a member of his Swiss Guard tells him the scores and keeps him up to date on the standings.

Francis said he really misses he the tranquility of walking the streets and, with a laugh, told La Voz he misses slipping into a pizzeria to eat «una buena pizza.»

Delivery, he said, is just not the same.

And, how would Il Papa, the most populist — and popular — pope in recent memory like to be remembered?

As a «good guy» who tried to do good, he said in Spanish: «Este era un buen tipo que trató de hacer el bien.»